Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3rd Birthday Parties

Lucky Kaliz had three birthday parties this year. This was our first when Grandpa Memo surprised us with a visit. He came with balloons and that little girl couldn't have been happier.

The second was a small friends water party at home. She requested a princess cake (the kind with a barbie in the middle--thanks to that party she went to a few weeks ago) and a horsie pinata. She had a great time.

And last but not least was a visit up to Grammi and Grampa's to celebrate a little with them and Aunt Liz and Brighton. Kaliz got to make a strawberry cake with Grammi and then enjoy a dinner of her choice. It was great!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lazy Days

I love that the girls don't know what they're missing yet. To them, swinging and playing "Bumblebee, Bumblebee" is the best thing in the world. They have no idea that five minute away is a water park. Ignorance is bliss (for mom.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday Time

I can hardly believe that Kaliz is having her third birthday this week. She has decided on a princess birthday party even though mom and dad have been encouraging a butterfly theme. (We already have the decorations.)

Whenever birthdays come around, I try to think back to the day they were born and remember every detail. Is it normal that I'm already starting to forget? Because I'm such a terrible journal-ist and have been, well, since the girls came along, I write them a birthday letter every year. I write as much as I can about the past year and funny events and what they're doing, how they are and how much I love them. Then I seal the envelope and put it in our safe. I'm already getting quite a collection. I hope that someday when I give it to them it means something, you know. That they will be able to feel all the love I've been trying to give them. It seems in day to day life, it's easy leave the message that they come second to the dishes and vacuuming and I hope they know that's not the case. I love these girls.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Emma is a vivacious four and a half year old (not to be mistaken for a simple four year old--four and a HALF.) She is funny and smart and she lights the world up with her smile and laughter. She is a wonderful big sister and enjoys all the attention she can get.
Kaliz is our sassy three year old. Smart, determined and extremely imaginative. She is someone who, when she decides what she wants (and she ALWAYS decides) never backs away from a challenge. She has a magical sense of humor and is completely devoted to her big sister.
Our girls are amazing. We keep hoping there will be a pill we can give them to stop them from growing up. You can see, we're gonna have our hands full when they become teenagers.

Bienvenidos and Hey Ya'll !!!

Hi everybody! For months now Jared has been telling me to set up a family blog. I keep wondering, "Who is going to be interested in reading about us? And why?" But I started thinking about it and I've decided that we, in fact, have lots of stuff going on, so why not blog about it? It can compensate for the fact that I haven't written in my journal since Christmas. And at the very least, Jared will know that sometimes I DO listen to his ideas.